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Power system analysis

Our experience covers wide range of power system studies from the smallest isolated systems of a few tens of kilowatts to large electrical transmission systems of hundreds of gigawatts capacity.

We are experienced in a broad range of studies. 

Our services in power systems design and modelling cover:

● Creating the options
● Assessing their performance
● Costing the feasible options
● Ranking solutions both technically and financially

The first step in power system projects is assessing the design requirements and what type of modelling is required.  Assessing what data is available and what assumptions will be required are also vital and require a high level of systems expertise.

Early designs and analysis are rooted in the practicalities of good engineering practice, facilitating a smooth design process after the concept design stage is complete.

Analyses are carried out at the detailed design stage to ensure that the effect of any design changes is tracked and either acceptable or modified to make the performance acceptable.

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