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K S Power Consulting Limited provides services to organisations that require access to specialist knowledge and experience related to power systems modelling and operation.


Circulating and armour currents in LV installation – Confidential client. Provision of technical assistance to identify the reasons for high phase current unbalance and armour currents with five quad groups of conductors (L1/L2/L3/N) operating in parallel on a shared cable ladder. Identification of reasons for observed currents and excessive cable heating and verification by numerical simulation of proposed mitigation arrangements, which were successfully implemented onsite.

Technical assistance related to electromagnetic transient modelling – Confidential client. Provision of technical assistance related to electromagnetic transient modelling of two offshore windfarm projects. Input to technical discussions with power systems studies contractor, review of models, and report deliverables. Modelling issues identified with; tuning and numerical stability of frequency dependent cable models, calibration of frequency dependent surge arrester models, treatment of three winding transformers, selection of saturation parameters for large transformers, control of STATCOM units, calculation of zero sequence impedance parameters; assessment of zero-missing phenomena for reactor compensated cables, and assessment of sympathetic inrush between transformers.

Electrical Engineering Tutorial – Confidential client. Development of learning material for graduate electrical engineers.

Stability Pathfinder 2 – Confidential client. Provision of technical assistance with EMT modelling of synchronous machines for compensator applications. Technical review of project deliverables.

Small projects/ad hock assistance – Confidential clients. Review of insulation coordination reports, review of cable rating reports, technical assistance with revenue metering issues, and review of loss check methodology for PV installations. 


Confidential client: Provision of technical assistance related to the selection and installation of replacement low voltage surge protection devices following multiple failures.

Renewables Ready LNG - Confidential client. Assessment of technical issues associated with power / frequency dynamics in future LNG export systems with reduced CO2 emissions per tonne of LNG production achieved by a combination of combined cycle power plant, solar PV, battery storage, and all electric compressor drivers.


Confidential client of Corrs Westgarth Chambers (Australia): Provision of Expert Witness Reports for major Australian mining client with respect to deficiencies in their power provider’s network design and adopted operational practices that led to multiple complex power quality and loss of power supply issues.

Confidential client:  Technical review of state of the art in variable speed drive technology, provison of recommendations for adopting new technologies within existing and new electrical systems for LNG processing facilities.

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K S Power Consulting Limited is a registered company in Scotland
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